VAT Exemption

All products sold by Kinetic Mobility may be purchased Zero rated for VAT, provided the person who will use the product meets the eligibility requiremnets as below. Our scooters and power chairs fall within the Class ranges 1 to 3, all qualifying for zero VAT rating. Rise-Recliner chairs, mobility accessories and subsequent goods and services all quality.

As the majority of our customers are eligible for VAT exemption on purchases of mobility products, our prices are quoted exclusive of VAT. We required that you comfirm your eligibility for VAT exemption by selecting  the ’YES’ box within the shopping basket, before completing the order. The default setting for this box is already set to ‘YES’, as nearly all of our customers are eligible for exemption. If you know that you are not eligible, then you should select ‘NO’ on the exemption box and VAT will be added to the total, automatically. Remember, only select ‘NO’ if you need to pay VAT.

If you are claiming VAT exemption and you have selected ’YES’ at the shopping basket, you will receive a VAT exemption form with your mobility product when it arrives. Simply sign the form and return it to us in the stamped address envelope provided. 

To qualify for VAT exemption on a purchase, the person that the scooter is being purchased for must have a chronic (long lasting) disabling condition or illness, though they need not be registered disabled. Arthritis is an example of a possible chronic condition. Registered charities may also make VAT exempt purchases as long as they are VAT registered with HMRC.

For full details of HM Revenue and Customs guidelines, see Public Notice 701/7 - Relief for Disabled Persons.