Sophies Life on iLevel

  • Feb 08, 2016

  • Write By: kineticmobility

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Filming the new iLevel advert with Sophie and Quantum Rehab in Bournemouth.

On Tuesday and Wednesday last week, in the beginning of February, we had a wonderful day on location in Bournemouth Dorset, filming the new Quantum iLevel Powerchair advert with Sophie Buckley. Sophie is Quantum Rehab's Quantum Star, which is their ambassador for the iLevel power chair in th UK. Quantum Rehab currently have 3 iLevel ambassadors, and here at Kinetic Mobility we are proud that Sophie is one of our long standing customers. Kinetic Mobility were awarded the distinction of being the first ever iLevel Specialist dealer, and we cover the South of England for the Q6Edge2.0  iLevel Power Chair.

Thanks to Lex and Will from the M&Y Media Video Productions in Bicester Oxford, we spent two brilliant days with Sophie filming the advert, which will be online soon, here on our web site, at and also on Vimeo and YouTube. 

We spent a very cold and blustery few days along the beach front in Bournemouth, and through Bournemouth Town Centre Gardens, where were able to show the iLevels amazing functions and capabilities, among which allowing the user to drive at a very safe and stable 10" of elevated seat lift, at 3.5mph. The whole unique benefit of the iLevel system is that it enables active and passive wheelchair users to be at eye level with everyone, as they go about their day, whether it be reaching for something on a shelf in the supermarket, or pressing the crossing button to cross a road, or simply looking into a shop window. We also found the Sophie was able to talk to people behind shop counters whilst being served and also talk to shop staff much easier, as well as interact with people as they went about their day.

Sophie and our other customers have been amazed by the stability and handling of the iLevel seat lift, which even at full elevation is as safe and stable as it is when the seat is down. Being able to manouvere around at 3.5mph whilst in the 10" seat lift position makes such a huge difference to what you can see and do.

We feel that the iLevel seat lift system is a game changing piece of technology that will radically change Power Chair and wheelchair users lives for the better. Once you have tried life at iLevel, you will never want to go back to a normal wheelchair again.

You can read more about the Quantum Stars Ambassador programme at Sophies Blog